ENAMEL HEART NECKLACEEnamel Heart Necklace $800 ENAMEL OUTLINED HEART NECKLACEEnamel Outlined Heart Necklace $800 ENAMEL PLUMAGE NECKLACEEnamel Plumage Necklace $1,410 BAROQUE PEARL SWAN PENDANTBaroque Pearl Swan Pendant $4,565
NEW CLUSTER NECKLACENew Cluster Necklace $1,805 BLACK AND GOLD FLOWER PENDANT NECKLACEBlack And Gold Flower Pendant Necklace $1,605 BLACK AND GOLD OVAL PENDANT NECKLACEBlack And Gold Oval Pendant Necklace $1,595 BLACK AND GOLD TUSK PENDANT NECKLACEBlack And Gold Tusk Pendant Necklace $1,385
BLACK AND GOLD CHARM NECKLACEBlack And Gold Charm Necklace $1,585 NEW LUXE COMBO CHARM NECKLACENew Luxe Combo Charm Necklace $3,265 BRIOLETTE WATERFALL NECKLACEBriolette Waterfall Necklace $650 - $3,830 BLACK SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND PAVE PENDANT NECKLACEBlack Sapphire And Diamond Pave Pendant Necklace $10,820
DIAMOND CRYSTAL AND DIAMOND PAVE PENDANT NECKLACEDiamond Crystal And Diamond Pave Pendant Necklace $8,610 RUBY PENDANT NECKLACERuby Pendant Necklace $3,000 - $3,325 MOLTEN CLUSTERS LONG NECKLACEMolten Clusters Long Necklace $870 - $8,460 MOLTEN CLUSTER TAHITITAN PEARL CHARM NECKLACEMolten Cluster Tahitian Pearl Charm Necklace $1,950
MOLTEN CLUSTER TAHITITAN PEARL CHARM NECKLACEMolten Cluster Tahitian Pearl Charm Necklace $3,930 BLACK AND WHITE PEARL BEADED NECKLACEBlack And White Pearl Beaded Necklace $1,500 SAFETY PIN LINK NECKLACESafety Pin Link Necklace $2,540 SCULPTURAL SET PEARL PENDANT NECKLACESculptural Set Pearl Pendant Necklace $8,915
TINY PEBBLE PENDANT CHOKERTiny Pebble Pendant Choker $1,445 - $2,000 TINY PEBBLE PAVE ENCRUSTED PENDANT CHOKERTiny Pebble Pave Encrusted Pendant Choker $7,660 PAVE ENCRUSTED EGG PENDANT NECKLACEPave Encrusted Egg Pendant Necklace $27,445 EXTRA LONG BEADED CLUSTER NECKLACEExtra Long Beaded Cluster Necklace $3,400
HANDMADE TAPERED LINK STONE DANGLE NECKLACEHandmade Tapered Link Stone Dangle Necklace $11,000 HEART NECKLACEHeart Necklace $330 ROSETTE HOLDER NECKLACERosette Holder Necklace $1,410 LOCKET CHARM NECKLACELocket Charm Necklace $860
ENAMEL CHARM NECKLACEEnamel Charm Necklace $1,265 ENAMEL FLOWER NECKLACEEnamel Flower Necklace $900 EGYPTIAN FEATHER ENAMEL NECKLACEEgyptian Feather Enamel Necklace $2,050 STRIPED EGYPTIAN FEATHER ENAMEL NECKLACEStriped Egyptian Feather Enamel Necklace $2,050
SINGLE ENAMEL CHARM NECKLACESingle Enamel Charm Necklace $200 - $220 DOUBLE ENAMEL CHARM NECKLACEDouble Enamel Charm Necklace $265 - $350 ENAMEL CHARM MULTI CLUSTER NECKLACEEnamel Charm Multi Cluster Necklace $1,365 NEW CLUSTER NECKLACENew Cluster Necklace $1,605 - $10,260
AMEOBA LINK NECKLACEAmeoba Link Necklace $815 TOURMALINE PENDANT NECKLACETourmaline Pendant Necklace $3,080 EXTRA LARGE BEADED NECKLACEExtra Large Beaded Necklace $500 EXTRA LARGE BEADED MULTI CLUSTER NECKLACEExtra Large Beaded Multi Cluster Necklace $570
KESHI PEARL MESH NECKLACEKeshi Pearl Mesh Necklace $4,270 BEADED MULTI CLUSTER NECKLACEBeaded Multi Cluster Necklace $315 - $1,520 BEADED CENTER CLUSTER NECKLACEBeaded Center Cluster Necklace $1,430 BEADED EXTRA LONG CENTER CLUSTER NECKLACEBeaded Extra Long Center Cluster Necklace $360
LUXE BEADED CLUSTERS NECKLACELuxe Beaded Clusters Necklace $790 BEADED X'S NECKLACEBeaded X's Necklace $265 LUXE BEADED X'S NECKLACELuxe Beaded X's Necklace $1,670 STUDDED WOVEN CHAIN NECKLACEStudded Woven Chain Necklace $300 - $595
BEADED  CENTER SPIRAL NECKLACEBeaded Center Spiral Necklace $1,045 COLORED DIAMOND CLUSTER CHOKERColored Diamond Cluster Choker $330 - $3,500 ALL AROUND BEADED  SPIRAL NECKLACEAll Around Beaded Spiral Necklace $1,430 MULTI CLUSTER NECKLACEMulti Cluster Necklace $1,210 - $5,120
DOUBLE STUDDED NECKLACEDouble Studded Necklace $230 - $255 CHICKLET NECKLACEChicklet Necklace $240 - $770 LUXE COMBO CHICKLET NECKLACELuxe Combo Chicklet Necklace $1,275 BRIOLETTE  CLUSTER NECKLACEBriolette Cluster Necklace $170 - $6,460
BRIOLETTE TASSEL NECKLACEBriolette Tassel Necklace $310 - $10,900 PEARL CHARM NECKLACEPearl Charm Necklace $1,365 TAHITIAN PEARL  PENDANT NECKLACETahitian Pearl Pendant Necklace $1,840 TAHITIAN KESHI PEARL CLUSTER NECKLACETahitian Keshi Pearl Cluster Necklace $2,115
AMERICAN NATURAL PEARL  CHARM NECKLACEAmerican Natural Pearl Charm Necklace $4,279 ORGANIC BEADS CHARM NECKLACEOrganic Beads Charm Necklace $310 - $990 TAHITIAN PENDANT CHARM NECKLACETahitian Pendant Charm Necklace $1,255 BACK TO BACK CAST KESHI BEAD NECKLACEBack To Back Cast Keshi Bead Necklace $365 - $2,465
TRIPLE CLUSTER DANCING OVAL NECKLACETriple Cluster Dancing Oval Necklace $3,320 SINGLE DANCING OVAL CLUSTER NECKLACESingle Dancing Oval Cluster Necklace $230 - $1,255 DANCING OVALS NECKLACEDancing Ovals Necklace $310 OVAL LINK HANDMADE CHAINOval Link Handmade Chain $1,560
PUZZLE LINK NECKLACEPuzzle Link Necklace $15,000 CABBAGE ROSE PENDANT NECKLACECabbage Rose Pendant Necklace $310 - $1,715 INTERLOCKED PEACOCK LINK PENDANT NECKLACEInterlocked Peacock Link Pendant Necklace $265 - $2,145 INTERLOCKED PEACOCK LINK NECKLACEInterlocked Peacock Link Necklace $680
INTERLOCKED PEACOCK LINK LONG NECKLACEInterlocked Peacock Link Long Necklace $890 - $5,850 LARGE ORCHID PENDANT NECKLACELarge Orchid Pendant Necklace $3,080 EXTRA LARGE ROUND ANGEL PENDANT NECKLACEExtra Large Round Angel Pendant Necklace $695 - $4,820 EXTRA LARGE ANGEL PENDANT NECKLACEExtra Large Angel Pendant Necklace $4,930
SHELL PENDANT NECKLACEShell Pendant Necklace $265 - $1,740 TWISTED BEAD HOLDER PENDANTTwisted Bead Holder Pendant $240 - $1,300 SNAKEBONE PENDANT NECKLACESnakebone Pendant Necklace $265 - $2,045 DOUBLE SNAKEBONE PENDANT NECKLACEDouble Snakebone Pendant Necklace $320
NATIVE AMERICAN  BIRD  FETISH  PENDANTNative American Bird Fetish Pendant $290 LEAF HOLDER PENDANT NECKLACELeaf Holder Pendant Necklace $330 - $1,340 LARGE PEA POD NECKLACELarge Pea Pod Necklace $725 UMBA SAPPHIRE CHARM NECKLACEUmba Sapphire Charm Necklace $330 - $1,405
TWIG LINK NECKLACETwig Link Necklace $650 - $2,660 DIAMOND PAVE ROSETTE CHOKER NECKLACEDiamond Pave Rosette Choker Necklace $200 - $1,880 FANCY ROSETTE NECKLACEFancy Rosette Necklace $210 - $540 ROSETTE CHARM NECKLACERosette Charm Necklace $285
ROUGH STONE PENDANT CHARM NECKLACERough Stone Pendant Charm Necklace $240 TOURMALINE SLICE CHARM NECKLACETourmaline Slice Charm Necklace $2,110 PERSIAN TURQUOISE PENDANT NECKLACEPersian Turquoise Pendant Necklace $3,610 CABBAGE ROSE CHARM NECKLACECabbage Rose Charm Necklace $2,365
TINY CHARM NECKLACETiny Charm Necklace $1,400 NOGUCHI  PENDANT NECKLACENoguchi Pendant Necklace $2,390 - $2,620